In the futuristic vision adopted by the company, with the paper of environmental policies in 2013, it was decided to complete the route that was taken 70 years ago, going through the certification of Standard certificates of eco-compatibility and environmental hygiene in the processes production, this study adds an element to the company's quality.



The company began to operate in an industrial context, bordered to the north-east and west with productive activities sun and undeveloped land, classified by the plan as a craft, commercial and industrial.


Create Green area from the surface of 3,910 square meters, which will not be used as a working space. It is thus acquired a first lot of land adjoining the North-East area. On the same proceed to the planting of 100 walnut trees.


On the North square installs a new shears with the goal of bringing to size tons of ferrous scrap which will then be entered into the system to produce stainless steel. The first source of corporate economic gain, therefore, coincides with a positive impact to the environment, because they regenerate recycle means a refusal to enter it again in the production cycle. This happens thanks to the recovery operations of industrial waste that we collect from hundreds of companies.


The shear engines, after a draft environmental impact, are soundproofed by a silent soundproof cabin. The result is a significant reduction of the propagation of noises.


You buy a second batch of the neighboring property to the one bought in 1989. In this second batch is created another green area of 3,880 square meters surface. Definitely takes the form a "buffer zone" in the north-east, between activity and civilian homes. In this land we are planted in 2013 140 cherry trees.


In the Northeast zone it is constructed a noise deadening barrier, 80 m long and 10 m high.


In the north, after the construction of an artesian well, which is completed an irrigation system for dust suppression.


The company adheres to the National Steel Consortium for the recycling of metal strapping and packaging.


In the north they are laid planted 160 trees, bordering Via Cadore, with visual screening effect of iron piles and attenuation of propagation of sound.


Installing a fixed bridge to control the radioactivity of waste and resulting in both environmental protection, both workers.


It constructs a new building for the internal storage of scrap metal resulting in the noise propagated outward. The green is enhanced by planting 45 hornbeam, Lebanon cedars, laurels, and numerous climbing plants such as jasmine and lives in Canada.


It acquires the front parking via Cadore to create, once again, a buffer zone between the business and the housing units built along via Cadore and via Dolomiti, since the 2000s, following the conversion from industrial zone to residential area operated by the City PRG. It strengthens the system of the waste water collection through the implementation of three new disoliatori.


You get the ISO 14001 environmental certification. It is a very important recognition because technicians outside company SGS have verified that our company complies with all environmental regulations. From now on the company will be subject to annual surveillance audits on the correct application of all the procedures. The management focuses on training of all employees for the proper handling of waste, with the aim of reducing noise during loading and unloading. An annual staff training is renewed with courses and meetings. Are planted, the continuation of the line of the noise barrier, 10 high-quality trees Cupressocyparis leylandii. As part of a careful and constant monitoring of noise issued from work, the company instructs each year Ecofob Company Ltd. instrumentally verify the produced noise emissions.

Is taken out an insurance policy for civil liability for environmental pollution, and you replace the External night lamps with new LED headlights to achieve energy savings.

The new kit is purchased for first responders in the event of oil spills. It has built a soundproof cabin silent for soundproofing of the press engines. E 'was found, at the end of intervention, a reduction of 15.3 dB (A).


The tree heritage consists essentially of a countless number of tree species, mostly indigenous, which are effective anti noise and give hospitality ascertained in many types of animals representing the local fauna barriers (Shrike, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Cornacchia gray, Pheasant, Jay, Chiffchaff, Merlo, Passera of Italy, Robin, Great Spotted woodpecker, quail, Wren and also Hare, Western Hedgehog, common squirrel, European Mole and the inevitable bats).


Tell us what do you think about R.CASINI Srl's environmental policy.

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